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“Our experience was great. We were provided prompt & professional service.”
Tonna H.
“Smooth & timely. Staff was courteous and seemed genuinely interested in assisting me.”
Kelly M.
“I have relied on your company’s advice, experience and coverage on my properties for several years. My confidence is well placed, as your company always promptly and adequately resolves any claims. Thank you for your expertise in protecting my assets.”
William O.
“Everything went wonderful. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Everything went good & fast. Thanks everyone for everything.”
Danny & Judy A.
“My claim adjuster was friendly & answered all my questions & was quick to resolve my claim.”
Debra D.
“Your agency, Allstate and the adjuster worked closely with us and the contractor to complete the repair from the hail and wind storm damage to our house and property”
Robert & Barbara L.
“We were very happy with our claims experience. The Fraser Agency was very helpful and supportive.”
Thomas W.
“My claim experience went very smoothly. I know that during the time I turned in our claim a lot of other people in town had as well. Everyone I talked to was professional & cooperative. Dent Depot had mentioned that when they called for things that the office staff as Fraser Agency was pleasant to work with.”
Caleb & Rebecca B.
“The appraisal process was prompt and effortless. I had a second issue to surface weeks later and it was taken care of quickly. Thank you.”
Larry & Jerree H.
“It was a very smooth process. The adjuster was very informative and very friendly.”
Gaylon & Tanya E.
“Unfortunately I had to file 3 claims within a few months. Hail damage to my home & auto and another claim when an unknown auto damaged my home & property. My claims were taken care of faster than I expected and I was very pleased with the service. Thank You!”
Elizabeth O.
“The Hartford rep, Cody Clark, was so easy to work with. He called with all the information that was needed to complete the claim. Was very pleased.”
Thelbert M.
“I was very happy how quickly they responded. The appraiser was very efficient and the money came quickly.”
Beverly P.
“Very Simple – Adjuster was prompt & thorough. Payment issued quickly.”
Craig & Shay A.
“They were courteous and friendly and took care of it quickly.”
George P.
“Great – You all & Safeco. Thanks”
Lu W.
“Very easy & pleasant”
Joe W.
“Everything was handled very well.”
Harold S.
Jane W.
“Very satisfying. The work was done at a convenient time despite the amount of work Fraser Agency has had to deal with.”
Frank & Joyce G.
“Very good, friendly, on time.”
Lois H.
“Very helpful & courteous & prompt.”
Mike & Kathleen U.
“Was very prompt.”
Myrl & Joann T.
“Good! Very thorough.”
Bob B.
Lynn C.

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